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About Us

Christian Students at UTK is a student group composed of believers in Christ from various backgrounds. We stand absolutely for the faith common to all Christians. We love the Lord Jesus Christ, and endeavor to give Him "the first place in all things" (Col. 1:18). We have the utmost respect for His Word, and meet simply as Christians without any denominational affiliation because we treasure the testimony of the oneness of the Body of Christ. 

Our Story

Our Faith


These items broadly represent what we hold as "the faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3) that is common to all believers (Titus 1:4), and we diligently practice to receive all those whom the Lord has received (Rom. 14:3; 15:7). 


Christ died for our sins and was raised bodily from the dead (1 Cor. 15:3-4; Acts 4:10; Rom. 8:34), has been exalted to the right hand of God as Lord of all (Acts 5:3110:36), and will return as the Bridegroom for His bride, the church (John 3:29; Rev. 19:7), and as the King of kings to rule over the nations (Rev. 11:15; 19:16).

The Bible is the Word of God, written under His inspiration word by word (2 Tim. 3:16), and is the complete and only written divine revelation of God to man (Deut. 4:2, 12:32; Prov. 30:5-6; Rev. 22:18-19).


There is one God (Deut. 6:4; 1 Cor. 8:4b; Isa. 45:5a), who is triune–the Father, the Son, and the Spirit (Matt. 28:19)–coexisting (Matt. 3:16-17; 2 Cor. 13:14) and coinhering (John 14:10-11) in three persons, or hypostases, distinct but never seperate, from eternity to eternity. 



Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone (Eph. 2:5, 8) and in His completed work, resulting in our justification before God (Rom. 3:24, 28; Gal. 2:16) and in our being born of God to be His children (John 1:12-13).


Christ is coming again to receive all the believers to Himself (1 Thes. 4:16-17), and all the believers in Christ will participate in the divine blessings in the New Jerusalem in the new heaven and new earth for eternity (Rev. 21:1-22:5).

Christ, the only begotten Son of God (John 1:18; 3:16), even God Himself (John 1:1), became a genuine man through incarnation (John 1:14), having both the divine and human natures (Rom. 9:5; 1 Tim. 2:5), the two natures being combined in one person and being preserved distinctly without confusion or change and without forming a third nature.

Our Faith

Our Mission




Our Mission

Connect With Us

Find a home away from home with Christian students at UTK. We want all our students to have authentic friendships in a Biblical community. After all, the Christian life was not designed to be lived alone! Our Monday night worship series or weekly small group Bible study is a great place to start! For more information about how to get connected, click one of the photos below. 

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Weekly Worship


Small Group Bible Study


Bible Reading Challenge


Community and Friends



"Here at Christian Students we are committed to providing you a genuine community of believers, establishing you in the truth of God's word, and equipping you for your futures in God's purpose. We are fortunate enough to have a full time staff, as well as an awesome community of believers in Knoxville with whom we can pursue this goal." 

See What Students Are Saying

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Our Staff

Danny A.

“I really liked that the Lord just wants us to love and worship Him, especially with other believers like at CSUTK. As long as we are open to the Lord with our daily circumstances, He can have His way through us.”


Bella B.

Columbia, SC

"The Club's New Testament bible reading plan has encouraged me to be in God's word every day. It has been refreshing to go through these scriptures in the morning and have the opportunity to share enjoyments with other believers."

Nashville, TN


Alex B.

Franklin, TN

"God wants to use this time right now in our lives to fill us, love us, and help us find a part of our purpose. Not just to find out what His plan is for us, but more importantly for us to find out how we can fulfill His plan and live in His image." 


John B.

CSUTK has allowed me to grow closer to the Lord by way of giving me a close group of people with values that align with my own. It has also kept me accountable with reading my Bible everyday which I am very thankful for.

Milwaukee, WI


Acacia U.

Cleveland, OH

"Being a part of the club has really helped me to stay grounded in the Word. Through our singing, fellowship and New Testament reading challenge, God's word has become a naturally integrated part of my daily life."

FB_IMG_1592780567056 2.jpg

Logan H.

"Becoming a member of CSUTK has changed me in so many positive ways by growing my faith in the Lord day by day and has given me an amazing community of love, support, and fellowship in the Lord. Praise the Lord!"


Matthew S.

Peachtree City, GA

"Coming to UTK as an out of state student and not knowing anyone, I was confused as to why God has led me to this campus but quickly found out. Through CSUTK and the friends I have made, I have grown in my relationship with the Lord and have learned to make my faith my own."

Cosby, TN


Rachel D.

"When I first got on campus at UTK I never imagined myself joining CSUTK. CSUTK has opened my eyes to many different things that the Lord provides to us and it has allowed me the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and I'm grateful that the club has provided me a great community of friends to fellowship with."

Elmhurst, IL


Kristen L.

Hickory, NC

"As a freshman I was really nervous about finding a good Christian community at UTK but discovered Christian Students and my faith has been strengthened to further His Kingdom."

Our Students
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